Daniella Makin

Minutes Secretary and Student Liaison Officer

Danni Makin

I am 22 years old and was born and raised in York. I have lived in the Huntington area for 10 years, so although I don’t quite live in the ward I am not far away, and I have travelled through the northern part of the ward for work and study for several years.

I am currently studying for a Masters in International Business Management at York St John University. I also work as an Assistant Store Manager in York city centre, so I am familiar with many of the issues there at the moment such as the increasing number of vacant shops on Coney Street.

I joined the Green Party in April 2017 mainly because of its policies on the environment and human rights. I believe the Greens are the only party who always stand up for their principles whatever happens and will always speak up for everyone young and old to ensure a good future for all.

I believe it is crucial that we keep a Green Voice on the Council and elect more Green councillors. Greens ask the difficult questions and challenge the other parties to do better. They will always speak up for our precious environment and for a more equal society.

For me the most important issues are the number of vacant shops in the city centre and the safety of students in the city centre. I believe it is very important to support independent businesses in the city centre to boost the economy, while providing a safe environment for young people. I am also concerned about the high air pollution levels in the city centre and believe we need more trees and improvements to public transport.

Nationally, I think the most important issues are limiting the negative impacts of Brexit by protecting funding for local councils and the NHS, fighting to reverse the growing wealth inequality, and helping people to get out of poverty.