June Tranmer

Ward Team Coordinator

Clean Air Day poster in Gillygate

I have been a member of the Green Party since 2007 but was a local supporter for many years before that, since 1996. I have lived in York for most of my life, since 1972, and have strong family ties to the city, in particular Guildhall and Micklegate wards. I believe strongly that the Green Party is the only party that offers a sensible vision for the future of our country and our city. I think there are a lot of people who are disillusioned with politics and politicians and we can show them that they don’t have to give up hope. Show them that we really care about local issues as well as national and international ones. And that we are willing to get stuck in and help when and where things need doing. We stand up for Equality and Diversity – increasingly needed in these times of scapegoating and suspicion of those who are different.

I am an enthusiastic networker; a member of the York Environment Forum, The Mental Health Forum, Mental Health Action York, One Planet York and the Carers Forum, among others. My business has been health care for the past 30 years and I am passionate about making complementary health care (genuinely preventive healthcare) accessible to all of York’s citizens, working alongside the NHS medical services, which need protecting and safeguarding for everyone’s future health. I am an innovative social entrepreneur, providing a launchpad for numerous practitioners to start their own business under the umbrella of The Healing Clinic, and a meeting space for local groups in Briar House Resources, while also linking up with other social enterprises and voluntary organisations in York. Living just on the edge of Guildhall (in Fishergate) my business is in Guildhall and my grandfather was born in Guildhall. So, I have a lot of affection for this area of York in particular.

It would be a privilege to be able to represent the people of York on City of York Council, bringing more Green perspective to the discussions and debates, working as collaboratively as possible with members from the other parties. However much the other parties try to look Green though, only the Green Party is genuinely Green.

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We are planning and have started preparations for a pollinator corridor along Haxby road, New Earswick. #york #wildflowers


Today after much pressure from me, @SadiqKhan is going to start asking Govt for ‘long overdue’ rent control powers. Exactly *4 YEARS* after I wrote to him as an MP to back a law to do exactly the same. Lesson? Vote for a Green Mayor and waste less time. https://t.co/NEcul02c6Z

This is great news! We're certainly keen to work with @CityofYork, other organisations and individuals to make #York a fantastic place for pollinators. https://t.co/aR5TfbctDg

Standing up for human rights and compassion and refusing to give in to the far right. That's the leadership from @MagicMagid and @GreensEFA that Europe needs! 🇪🇺💚

"That's libellous, you can't put this online, my friend.”

Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips denies working for Cambridge Analytica in Kenya, speaking to @Channel4News.

A few days later she admitted working for the firm's parent company.

A racist @realDonaldTrump, head of a racist administration, enacting racist policies, promoting other racist figures and actively praising racist attacks.

The sooner #TheSquad are in charge of 'the land of the free and home of the brave', the better for the rest of the world.

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