Natasha Meldrum

Student Liaison and Equality and Diversity Officer

My interest in green politics is driven by the fact I want to be active in the fight for climate justice, as well my passion for animal welfare. The Green Party is the only political party I have seen to fully express my political and social views to the extent that is necessary and I want to take part in spreading awareness of the importance of these issues, for example, combating poverty and responding to the climate crisis appropriately and effectively.

I’m currently the chair of The University of York Green Party Society, and studying PPE. I want to use my degree to make a difference in politics and contribute to combatting the climate crisis. As a young person I am worried for my future and the future of generations to come, and I believe The Green Party are the only political party who express the urgency of these issues, and put forward the best solutions. For these reasons, I am a proud Green Party Member.