Tom Franklin

Chair and Regional Party Liaison Officer and Regional Treasurer

Tom franklin

After a long period of not being involved in party politics I joined the Green Party in 2012, as it is the only party that is taking climate change seriously.

Since then I have discovered how many of its policies I like from advocating active transport (walking and cycling) pushing for better local public transport, fighting for better air quality so that we can all have clean air to breathe to the Citizenโ€™s Income. I have also found it warm and friendly, and a great way to get to know York and its people when I moved here in 2015.

I am particularly concerned about the arms trade and the death and destruction that follows from that. I have twice been arrested for trying to prevent arms sales to countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey. The first time I was acquitted on the grounds that I was trying to prevent war crimes and crimes against humanity. The second time I was acquitted for using the right to protest, but the Crown Prosecution Service is currently appealing the acquittal.

I am a father with two grown up children and live with my partner and her one-eyed cat in North York.

I am also treasurer of the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Green Party.

Theresa May has said "Itโ€™s time for us to come together, put the national interest first - and deliver on the referendum." - yet, having talked to and ignored a handful of non-Tory representatives, she has fallen back to the Tory-only Brexit tug-of-war. #ToryShambles #Marr #Ridge

MUST-WATCH: Earlier today, Boris Johnson claimed that he never spoke about Turkey during the 2016 referendum.

It's yet another lie he's been caught out on. Don't let him get away with lying again. Please RT this so everybody sees it:

This is huge and could have a real affect on the fight against climate change. It will force cities to acknowledge the consequences and costs of a warming world.
Credit Rating Agency Issues Warning On Climate Change To Cities.
#ActOnClimate #ClimateChange

In fact, the UK today - the convicted #Stansted15 face a sentencing hearing in Chelmsford on 4 February

the best explanation of how May is still flogging Plan A probably came from @CarolineLucas, here's what she said

We live in a โ€˜democracyโ€™ but..

* โ€˜Theyโ€™ decide when we get to vote
* The electoral system is rigged so that we think we only have two choices - Labour or Tory
* Tories & Labour love FPTP cos theyโ€™re more interested in power than in actual, genuine democracy

#WeNeedPR #VoteGreen

16/ The Terrorism Act 2000 defines terrorism not just as political violence but as threats of violence aimed at political ends. I am no lawyer, but it seems to me that certain senior #Brexit backing politicians have engaged in, or have come very close to engaging in terrorism.

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