Tom Franklin

Chair and Regional Party Liaison Officer and Regional Treasurer

Tom franklin

After a long period of not being involved in party politics I joined the Green Party in 2012, as it is the only party that is taking climate change seriously.

Since then I have discovered how many of its policies I like from advocating active transport (walking and cycling) pushing for better local public transport, fighting for better air quality so that we can all have clean air to breathe to the Citizen’s Income. I have also found it warm and friendly, and a great way to get to know York and its people when I moved here in 2015.

I am particularly concerned about the arms trade and the death and destruction that follows from that. I have twice been arrested for trying to prevent arms sales to countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey. The first time I was acquitted on the grounds that I was trying to prevent war crimes and crimes against humanity. The second time I was acquitted for using the right to protest, but the Crown Prosecution Service is currently appealing the acquittal.

I am a father with two grown up children and live with my partner and her one-eyed cat in North York.

I am also treasurer of the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Green Party.

The Independent: Thirty UK MPs deliver letter to F1 boss Chase Carey raising “concern the Grand Prix is exploited by Bahrain’s government to ‘sportswash’ their human rights record”

With comments from:

Chancellor boasting about 'the biggest ever investment in new roads'

Just a week after announcing their 10-point environment plan

They just don't get it


The EU Commission hired @blackrock, a big investor in #fossilfuels, to advise on the EU’s sustainable finance agenda.

‼️Today, after a @ChangeFinance_ complaint, the @EUombudsman confirms the Commission did not properly consider conflicts of interest when granting the contract.

.@blackrock is the top investor in the fossil fuel banks for which it is advising regulation

Handing them this deal is a bit like asking a crocodile the safest way across the river.

@ChangeFinance_ @SumOfUs

Cars are v inefficient use of space in cities. London has 6.8mio parking spaces- the average car is parked 92% of the time. This space is starting to be re-claimed for pockets parks, social space etc. TFL showed bike lanes are 5x more efficient at moving people than car lanes

#AirPollution is something people across #Bradford South bring up to me.

Air pollution is a killer and it is linked to a host of long term medical conditions from #cancer to #Alzheimers

Our roads are some of the most congested in the country.


But instead of reducing traffic, Bradford Council and Bradford Labour want to build MORE roads and funnel more cars and lorries through our area.

🚛 We need to scrap the #TongValleyRoad
🚗 Abandon plans to widen #Tong Street
🚐 Invest in cleaner ways for people to get around.

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