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2 days ago

York Green Party

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1 week ago

York Green Party

Six months after declaring a Climate Emergency, the Council's new Climate Change and Policy Scrutiny Committee has met for the first time.
This meeting was mainly to decide ways of working and identifying priorities, and a work plan. It's well worth watching, as it begins to sketch out how the Council will aim to go zero carbon by 2030.

8 members of the public spoke, June Tranmer (04.29), Caroline Lewis (08.34), Thea Jacob (11.32), Izee Desrouchesseux (14.47), Richard Maddalena (17.45), Kate Lock (18.30), Chloe Wilcox (22.20) and Cllr Denise Craghill (23.16).
The other sections of the meeting are detailed under the video, and the Agenda and papers are here

Video link:

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Amazing scenes like this unfolding around world!

Sea level isn’t the only thing rising. We are rising too

Don’t let anyone say taking part in protests like this doesn’t make a difference

Together we are more powerful than we can possibly imagine - be there!


A few of our snaps from today's strike in York!

Thank you to those taking part.

We will be heard.

(credit: Jenni Suitiala)

#ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture #ThisIsNotADrill


Hearing estimates that at its peak around a thousand people in #york took part in #GlobalClimateStrike #ClimateStrike - more @BBCYork @Julesradio


Today people from across #Yorkshire are joining millions across the world as part of the #GlobalClimateStrike

@CarolineLucas writes that politicians must stop paying lip services and commit to action - including a #GreenNewDeal


Not our grandparents who will suffer, not our parents generation rust will suffer it is our generation. Support the #GlobalClimateStrike

Some of the younger speakers at the #ClimateStrike . East less meat, all festivals should not be allowed plastic as part of the licence conditions

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