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Today trans kids in the UK are going to school, & their families to work, after another all-out attack from multiple newspapers, perpetuated on breakfast TV this morning by Piers Morgan et al. We stand proud. Our child is loved. Trans kids exist, some are thriving. Let them soar.

"I want to see a future where children’s health is not compromised by the quality of the air they breathe". @CarolineLucas discusses the campaign for a Clean Air for Children Programme

4 percent of corporate media reports about the fires mention climate change or global warming. 4 PERCENT!
The corporate news hacks would rather destroy their children's futures than question big oil & big farming.

Greens call for reduced residence parking charges for low emission cars
Despite opposition from G

Let's be absolutely clear. Everyone from the EU who had graced us with their presence is most welcome. You are not queue jumpers. @theresa_may is totally out of line

- Brexit plan will stop EU migrants 'jumping the queue' - May

So ashamed of the Prime Minister's words. I'm so sorry to Frank and all the @The3Million who have shared their lives with us and given so much

Anyone for a vegan Christmas? There’s a Christmas crisis going on: no one wants to kill your dinner

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