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1 day ago

York Green Party

Important message to share in the light of world events ...

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3 days ago

York Green Party

Anyone up for a Friday night post-canvassing social ? We will go to the micklegate SOCIAL now then @Vickyvaults for gig in support of Lollipop York ...

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Government creating exclusion for disabled children, to keep them out of mainstream education, despite UN saying how bad we already are

Apparently it is #GlobalRecyclingDay, which is good, so far as it goes. But what is needed is every day to be #ReduceDay - far too much of the resources we use now don't need to be used at all. eg

To tell the truth there is no reason why any broadcaster should mention 'Islamic extremism' in relation to Christchurch. The one has nothing to do with the other. The perpetrator was a white supremacist - roots in British Empire, KKK, Gobineau, Rosenberg, Nazism.

Labour still advocating new #nuclear

Very unclear what Labour could now do in Govt to deliver new nuclear before 2030 without doing full-scale tax-payer-funded sweetheart deal with one of Japanese companies

Government's economicly clueless all austerity has fine is increase debt and transfer money to the already rich

We need a #PeoplesVote @theresa_may cannot do whatever she wants without consulting we, the people

@GSwinburn @CityofYork @yorklibdems Did not know that Cllr Jackson went independent. So for the last full council meeting the coalition has no formal majority anymore. And @YorkGreens are the only group that has not lost anybody during this term!

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