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23 hours ago

York Green Party

It's 🔵 Blue Monday 🔷

But don't get down ... Today is the perfect day to take action and make bold life decisions ...

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3 days ago

York Green Party

Residents are fed up of inadequate service at Cherry Street GP surgery.

Councillor Rosie Baker has been talking about the problems people are having with the clinic.

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Didn't address the real problem, that #universalCredit has an effective tax rate of up to 75% (maybe more), while wealthy people only pay 40%. Immoral and vile

As scientists, we are appalled at the govt's support for the polluting airline industry - our response to @flybe bailout and Health Sec @MattHancock's misleading comments on aviation: @JKSteinberger
@KevinClimate @JamesGDyke @mmbuchs @ProfTimJackson and me

We welcome the plans for a Park at Clifford's Tower

First e guess, now the soul being blown away. Australia is a stark study in what awaits if we don't address the #ClimateEmergency

Huge dust storms in Australia hit central New South Wales

Treble the original cost, way behind time, hugely damaging to the environment, unnecessary and the wrong priority. Cancel HS2.

HS2 costs could rise to £106bn or more, warns government review

I spent the first half of my childhood living on a 'crap' town extension with nothing to do, but the cul-de-sacs had no traffic so we just played in the street all day long. When we moved to a through-road in another town nobody played outside. Cars ruin childhoods.

We would welcome an elected second chamber in York

THE House of Lords could move to York - according to a report in The Sunday Times.

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