Twittering Nonsense over the Bonding Warehouse

The Bonding Warehouse
The Bonding Warehouse

It is commonly recognised that a considerable amount of nonsense is spouted in the Twittersphere, even by people who should know better. So when one Councillor commented that The Bonding Warehouse was unsuitable for a Centre for the Creative Industries due to flooding it should have been disregarded as ignorant Twitter twaddle.

Any re-use of that superb historic building will need to take into account that it is likely to flood, due to climate change and channels cut upstream to sluice water into the rivers more quickly. This shouldn’t be an obstacle though. Take ‘The Basement’ at York’s City Screen cinema as an example, which re-opened for a burlesque show less than a week after the recent flooding because the renovation of the former Yorkshire Herald in 2000 had taken annual flooding into account.

No, the real problem with The Bonding Warehouse is not the flooding, but the reluctance of its owner to sell the building back to the Council at the price he paid for it, plus a little interest perhaps. Instead of trying to make a killing on the deal and take the Council for a sucker, he should be willing to give young entrepreneurs a chance to flourish in start-up units in a new Centre for the Creative Industries which could yet be housed there. Otherwise the project will go elsewhere and The Bonding Warehouse will remain empty.

Cllr Dave Taylor


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