Lendal Bridge Closure – not so crazy

cycle pedestrian crossing signA trial part-time ban of private vehicles crossing Lendal Bridge is a sensible initiative to reclaim our centre from unsafe levels of pollution and congestion. Such a plan was considered when our ‘Footstreet’ pedestrian core was first created, which was itself groundbreaking and controversial in its time. The scheme is part of a coherent vision to create better public space in Exhibition Square, cut traffic and potentially create a bus interchange at the station.

Look at any modern European city and you will find priority routes for public transport, pedestrian friendly squares, safe cycle routes, low speed streets. A trial will allow signal and layout glitches to be ironed out and traders to consider whether a longer ban could work for their businesses. ANPR technology could allow low emission delivery vehicles through a 7am – 7pm ban.

Let’s talk about options and solutions for our historic city, to replace creeping gridlock. One thing is certain, to create a world class place with a growing population something drastic needs to happen. This could be the start. Leaving things as they are isn’t an option, this uses government funding imaginatively and could secure more punctual bus services across the city.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne

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