So much more to gain from renewables

This February wind energy generated 11% of the UK’s electricity needs, but with the best wind power resources in Europe and huge untapped potential for wave power, we could do so much more.

We are missing out on opportunities to make our houses warmer, reduce fuel poverty, reduce energy imports and create jobs. Long term investment has brought 400,000 jobs in renewables in Germany, whilst high insulation standards mean householders have lower energy bills even though unit prices are higher. Alongside patchy and inconsistent funding for insulation and renewables the UK is promoting dangerous fracking and subsidising fossil fuels to around £3.5bn/year.

The good news globally is that in China wind power generation has just passed nuclear in the country’s energy mix. Of course, over a quarter of China’s CO2 emissions are due to exports of manufactured goods to people such as ourselves. As the world’s fifth largest economy, lets get our own house in order, make more of what we need nearer to home, get a proper energy policy, plan for the future and invest in the green economy.

Denise Craghill
Green Party candidate for the European Parliament for Yorkshire & the Humber

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