York Central Parliamentary candidate Jonathan Tyler on nuclear weapons

JonathanTyler-PriorySt“The Green Party rejects any reliance on nuclear weapons.  I support the decommissioning of the UK’s nuclear weapons and the removal of US nuclear bases.  No further research should take place into nuclear weapons and the export of nuclear technology should be stopped.  Ships carrying nuclear weapons should be banned from British ports.

The Green Party aims to reclassify the UK as a non-nuclear state under the terms of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and open the country to the appropriate international inspection agencies.  If elected as an MP I will vote for Trident to be scrapped at the time of the next Strategic Defence and Security Review in 2016. Spending billions on weapons that, far from making us safer, actually make the world a more dangerous place is a shocking waste of money that would be better spent on investment in public services and on infrastructure to help us switch to a zero-carbon economy”.

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