Guildhall candidate June Tranmer on why the Greens are the best choice for York Central

JuneTranmer5It is interesting to see that the Labour Party in York seems to be publicly promoting one over the other two of their candidates for York Central (Letters, January 16). Are they already starting the public campaign before the candidate is officially chosen?

I know Julie Gunnell. She is a loyal York citizen and was an excellent Lord Mayor. However, if York Central residents want an MP who can tackle national and international issues as well as local ones, Jonathan Tyler of the Green Party is the best choice. You can read more at

Jonathan was a founding member of the Green Party in 1976 (then called the Ecology Party) and has political experience nationally. He has been a York resident since 1987 and been involved in many local issues over the past three decades.

I joined the Green Party because it has excellent policies, nationally and locally. York’s interests will be fairly represented by Jonathan, no matter what your original political allegiances.

There is no party whip in the Green Party, so he will vote on issues according to his conscience and on what his electors want him to do.

June Tranmer
Green Party candidate for Guildhall.

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