We were right about these faulty lights, says Micklegate candidate Lars Kramm

LarsKramm1Whoever would have predicted that all the residents, letter writers and daily users of the southern entrance to our city had been right all along would have been met with an incredulous shake of the head.

All those comments and complains about off-peak traffic lights having an unnecessarily long red time have now been proved to have substance.

If you read the revealed 30 York junctions where faulty traffic lights are causing needless delays you will pass Tadcaster Road/St Helen’s Road; The Mount /Dalton Terrace/Scarcroft Road; Blossom Street /Holgate Road and Blossom Street/Queen Street.

The explanation that it is just around an extra 30-second maximum wait is still not very comforting.

It is not just the needless waste of time for the motorist, but the unnecessary pollution and congestion.

We know that a bold congestion relief plan is still far away and any major moves are stuck in the political gridlock, but it should be an easy thing to just fix the known little things and bring some relief to the residents.

Lars Kramm
Green Party candidate for Micklegate ward
Leven Road

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