Trams – part of the solution to congestion in York

Letter published in York Press

Trams in Manchester (source Wikimedia)


Dear Sir,

Maureen Robinson (Letters 1/12/16) asks how we are going to cope with congestion on Fulford Rd generated by more housing planned for the south of York. Air pollution already kills more than traffic collisions in our city and growing obesity threatens a health crisis. York’s Local Plan should be a catalyst for a vision to provide top quality walking, cycling and tram routes to serve the growth plans. Instead, Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour councillors agonise about how to fund a dual carriageway for the north of the city which will never catch up with traffic growth. Why is no work being done to design a tram or dedicated busway route from the proposed 3300 homes near Elvington to link to the city centre via University of York? This might also serve the Barracks site and Germany Beck/ Fulford. It would link the east side of the city centre to a rail interchange behind York Hospital. Phase 2 would be a tram-train link for Haxby/ Strensall and York Central – Poppleton. German towns of comparable size have done this and cut their congestion problems – why are we so blinkered in York?

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