Sport, Leisure, Culture & Heritage

2015 Manifesto – TO BE UPDATED

Sporting activities, leisure, culture and the Arts can enhance the quality of life for everyone. We will:

  • Review the Council’s strategy for providing better access for all of York’s residents to swimming and other sports facilities. Following the Barbican fiasco provision is patchy and many residents, including those in the
    city centre, have no nearby public facilities
  • Review the decision to privatise the running of all our main sports facilities as part of the Monks Cross Stadium deal. We will seek to ensure that York’s citizens are getting the best value for money in the short and longer term and affordable access to high quality services
  • Keep Yearsley Pool open and work with the support group and local residents to seeking additional funding to enhance its valued community provision
  • Monitor the outsourced Library Service and if necessary consult on the pros and cons of bringing it back into direct Council service provision. We will keep all of York’s libraries open protect Council funding to arts and cultural organisations, prioritising community arts and initiatives to promote access for all (A representative of YGP. John Walford, attended a public engagement/consultation event on this in January 2018 which we can feedback on.)
  • Work with York’s many heritage organisations large and small to protect York’s heritage.

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