Local Economy and Jobs – 2015 Manifesto TO BE UPDATED


York Green Party believes that local businesses have a strong role to play alongside our important large employers such as Nestlé and the Universities, and that all of our citizens should benefit from a vibrant local economy. We  will:-
  work with city partners to promote a local Green New Deal to create jobs in the green industries of the future including energy efficiency, renewables, re-use, repair, public transport and low carbon science and technology;
  re-write the Council’s Local Economic Strategy to focus on creating a resilient low carbon locally based economy that meets the needs of York residents , rather than the current unsustainable focus on growth;
  support new business start-ups and local small businesses, including affordable start-up accommodation for new businesses. Use discretionary rate relief and the many Council owned commercial properties to help reduce costs for new small businesses in York;
  allow Council tenants to start up businesses from home, as long as they are appropriate for the neighbourhood in terms of environmental and social impact (and subject to the usual planning considerations);
  prioritise actions to develop local supply chains and business networks through better advertising and promotion of what local companies can provide
  support and promote skills swaps and time banks such as in Acomb, and research the possible establishment of a local currency, for example, on the model of the ‘Bristol pound’ which now has half a million pounds in circulation via nearly 700 businesses
  prepare a Transition Energy Descent Plan to move our local economy away from dependence on fossil fuels;
  support York’s diversity of small, independent and locally based shops which retain up to ten times more wealth in the city than multinational stores (New Economics Foundation);
  oppose any further out of town retail developments for any reason whatsoever;
  work with city centre and other partners to create a high quality public park next to Clifford’s Tower, with only very limited retail or other development on the castle side of the river;
  work with trader associations to secure investment in local shopping parades outside of the city centre to improve their appearance, maintenance and support to locally based shops;
  investigate and consult on a ‘tourist tax’ – a small amount that could be levied on visitors to the city (including hen and stag nights, nightclubs etc) to contribute to the extra maintenance and cleaning costs involved, as well as initiatives such as the river patrol and ‘street angels.’

In addition to local policies, the GPEW will:-

Lobby the new government to invest in a national Green New Deal to create a million climate jobs, tackling fuel poverty and investing in secure energy, public transport, re-use and repair and local manufacturing and food production. We will also push for devolving more funding to regions to support resilient local economies and demand a review of national planning guidelines to remove the presumption in favour of development and to protect city centres.

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