Councillor Craghill condemns anti-social drunken groups

Denise CraghillCouncillor Craghill calls made for a ‘city summit’ to address excessive drunken behaviour

Guildhall Green Party councillor, Denise Craghill, has called for a ‘city summit’ to come up with actions to address the excessive drunken behaviour experienced in York city centre on Saturday afternoon and evening.
The behaviour was highlighted by a large number of respondents to The Press via twitter. Cllr Craghill said-

“I have written to the Council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Member for the Environment, Andrew Waller and the Executive Member for Economic Development, Keith Aspden calling for all the relevant parties including the Council, the BID, Make it York, York Retail Forum and other traders’ organisations, the police, city centre councillors and the Racecourse to be brought together to look at what additional actions can be taken on this.”

“Whilst it is probably true that some people could have been in some parts of the city centre on Saturday night and not been aware of these issues (as some Press correspondents said, e.g. MinsterFM report) … it is also clear that drunken behaviour by a very substantial minority is a serious issue. Perhaps as a city we should be coming together to say that, whilst we want people to come to York and enjoy themselves, we draw the line at a situation where people are getting excessively drunk and disruptive by early afternoon and going on from there. There will be no single solution to this but we should be considering everything from awareness campaigns to enforcement.”

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