Leadership Hustings for the Green Party

National party leadership candidates: what are their priorities?

Leadership hustings inn YorkWatch recordings from our own livestream of this inspiring event we hosted at Tramways last Saturday, 21st July and other highlights including leadership hopeful, Shahrar Ali coining his new slogan “Bring power to truth!”…

Local North Yorkshire man, Leslie Rowe talked of de-growth strategies and being better off without any connection to the single market,
current co-leader Jonathan Bartley stated that “No extreme weather event can be separated from climate change” and deputy leader candidates, Rashid Nix claiming he was the “Get stuff done face of politics” and our own regional field organiser, Andrew Cooper reminding us that getting Greens on to local councils is the only way to pave the possibility for fielding parliamentary candidates in the future…

… both vying to tip Amelia Womack from her post.

You can vote FROM 30th July UNTIL 31st August.

Read the report in the York Press

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