Justice and Human Rights for all

Demonstrate for Justice and Against the far right. Parliament Street Saturday 25 Aug 11.00

The far right is on the rise across Europe.  Fascists are part of the governments of Austria and Hungary. Racists are increasingly active in Italy, France, Germany, the US and many other countries.

The UK is not immune to these developments. In recent months open fascists have buit a growing movement with thousands strong rallies in London and Manchester. The recent release from prison of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) will only add to their momentum.

This movement is pulling in “softer” forces on the right, in particular UKIP, who are attempting to rebuild their political position. Their deputy leader, Mike Hookem, is due to speak at a far right rally in York City Centre.

We need a strong demonstration of solidarity against this, calling for JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Please come to the demonstration 11.00 this Saturday, Parliament Street – where the fountain used to be.

There will be Green placards and the Green Party banner.

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