Brexit – Open letter from Councillor D’Agorne

Dear Sir,

Labour Where are? Are you an opposition

Rachel Maskell MP used her whole column this week to tell us
how divided the Government is on Brexit, but (needless to say) didn’t mention
Labour’s divisions nor any meaningful Labour strategy to achieve a Brexit which
meets its ‘six tests’. It seems Labour’s position is to demand a General
Election in preference to a ‘People’s Vote’ on May’s deal, but without stating
how Labour would prevent us ‘crashing out of the EU’ on Mar 29th
2019. Even if the current deal is defeated in Parliament next month, there is
no mechanism to force a General Election – the Tories could continue to ‘fiddle
while Rome burns’ until we do crash out by default. And if there is another
General Election, what is Labour’s platform on Brexit? Greens have stated loud
and clear that the deal on the table is not what was promised in 2016 and
should be put to a People’s Vote, with an option to ‘stop the clock’ if the
majority now prefer ‘Remain’ to the Brexit deal now negotiated with the EU. We
urgently need to unite across parties and with other countries to tackle the
climate crisis which will not wait for us to squabble over Brexit.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne

Green Group leader

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