Will our MPs Support a People’s Vote for Brexit?

Will York's MPs (Rachael Maskell and Julian Sturdy) support a People's Vote for Brexit?

Dear Julian / Rachael,

Theresa May has now negotiated her proposed Brexit deal with the EU, and it is clear that despite her efforts to sell it to both MPs and the wider public there is very little support for it from both people who support leaving the EU, or those supporting remaining in the EU.

Parliament is to be given a meaningful vote on the deal, which will be the last chance we have to have any say on the future of the UK in relation to the EU.

When we voted in the referendum in 2016 we did not know what we were voting for. Each of the Brexit campaigns claimed different things, and people were voting for an idealised Brexit.

The only way that this can now be resolved is by putting the negotiated deal to the public, with a choice of accepting the deal, or remaining in the EU.

This is especially important given the closeness of the original result, the degree of fraud during the campaign and the lies that were told during the campaign.

I am therefore asking that you put pressure on the government and your party to hold people’s vote to resolve whether we should accept the negotiated deal or remain in the EU, now that the final terms of the deal are clear to all.

Yours sincerely


Chair, York Green Party

4 Frazer Court
YO30 5FHe

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