York Central traffic – a constructive response by Councillor Dave Taylor

The York Press reported that the York Central development has been delayed by fears over traffic.  Here is our response

Green Party Councillor, Dave Taylor, says, “It’s hardly surprising that Highways England has put a block on the planning process for York Central as it is so desperately uninspiring.  While 1,219 parking spaces are proposed for 2,500 homes and 542 spaces for up to 112,000 sq/m of commercial buildings, we can assume that’s little more than a weak joke once the roads are built and that thousands of additional vehicles will be crowding the roads of surrounding neighbourhoods adding to levels of air pollution we already know to be dangerous.  Here was the opportunity of a generation to present a car-free development in a city-centre location right next to a railway station and yet the vision has not been apparent.  The local residents know that their streets would be grid-locked and yet their views have largely been ignored.”   

Councillor Taylor points to examples of other cities with transport and congestion problems to show how they have attempted to find solutions. “Sheffield and Manchester have their tram systems, while tiny Baden-Baden in Germany has criss-crossed the town with tunnels to move the traffic underground.  Obviously, these are frighteningly expensive solutions, and London’s Congestion Charge has been successful but only with’Transport for London’ having full control of the bus services – unlike the rest of the country where bus services are privatised.”  

Councillor Taylor offers the example of Singapore’s cable car routes as a way of bringing commuters into the city, through the new development at York Central.  “Instead of overwhelming the roads of Holgate and Clifton a cable car could ferry workers, residents and tourists from a Park & Glide site north of the city.   What’s more, it’s cheap as chips compared to the cost of road-building and could double-up as another tourist attraction.”

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