Axe Drax’s Gas Plans Demo in Goole

York Green Party present at demo.

On December 4th 2018, a peaceful protest was staged in Goole
outside the Planning Inspectorate Open Floor Hearing for Drax’s application to
build a new gas power plant.

Climate Change scientists have recently warned that we are dramatically falling short in our efforts to prevent 1.5 C and 2 C warming of the planet (1). According to the United Nations this level of warming will lead to melting icecaps, rising sea levels and much more extreme weather conditions.

Given the urgency and scale of the problem, York Green Party member Ginnie
Shaw has stated: “DRAX is already the UK’s largest emitter of CO2 and
receives £2m a day of subsidy of tax payers’ money. Permitting power stations
such as Drax to burn large quantities of natural (fossil fuel) gas will push us
beyond the 1.5 degree limit and prevent the UK from meeting its international
commitments to tackle climate change. For these reasons and for the sake of
future generations, York Green Party is opposed to Drax’s application to burn
fossil gas.”  

Sally and Duncan from Biofuelwatch can answer any questions you have and here on Youtube is an explanation of how Drax’s Power Station plans to burn fossil gas will make climate change worse.

(1) NBC News

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