Objection to Askham Bog planning application

The weir at Askham Bog

York Green Party objects to application 18/02687/OUTM on the following three

  1. Building on the Green Belt: In the York Plan the area covered is clearly
    shown as green belt land (see http://www.york.gov.uk/download/downloads/id/15873/cd004b_-_city_of_york_publication_draft_local_plan_policies_maps_-_south.pdf).
    This development would have a significant impact on the green belt by
    pushing the development envelope further Southwards.  The area was
    explicitly taken out of earlier versions the Local Plan after strong local
    campaigning to protect Askham Bog, and therefore it is especially
    inappropriate that it should be developed, especially whilst the Local
    Plan is being considered. Given that the population projections for York
    have actually fallen since the Local Plan was submitted there is clearly
    no need for development in areas that are not designated for development
    in the York Plan.

  1. Endangering Askham Bog SSSI: The proposed development comes perilously
    close to the exceptional SSSI at Askham Bog, the most important
    conservation site in York, and the only SSSI in York of national
    importance.  Whilst the submitted outline plan does show some
    amelioration for the area (including the building of a bund) experience
    shows that a development this close will inevitably lead to significant
    damage to a precious and much loved area. Further, the plan will alter the
    watercourses in the area, and we cannot know how much damage to the SSSI
    this will lead to, but we do know that it is very sensitive to changes in
    water level. Completely enclosing Askham Bog by developments, as this
    effectively would, would be a severe risk. The Bund itself could endanger
    the SSSI by altering the way water moves through Askham Bog.

  1. Non-sustainable development: The masterplan shows that all houses are
    intended to have garages (https://planningaccess.york.gov.uk/online-applications/files/9CEF977E2DDE796CBDAFCA505F75F1A8/pdf/18_02687_OUTM-ILLUSTRATIVE_MASTERPLAN-2081249.pdf)
    this is not sustainable at a time when we need to move away from reliance
    on cars because of CO2 emissions relating to climate change, pollution
    from car exhausts and congestion. A sustainable development so close to
    the city centre would recognise that car usage needs to be reduced and
    would plan accordingly.

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