Incineration is a costly alternative to landfill

Allerton Park waste processing

Green group leader at City of York Council Councillor Andy D’Agorne said “Incineration is a costly alternative to landfill and far from the greenest option available.

“With the government now considering an incineration tax and public opinion turning against single use plastic, a 25 year contract to supply minimum qualities of rubbish to burn is neither financially nor environmentally sound”

Green campaigners argued for over a decade against the Allerton
Park scheme, which was so unpopular that the location near to the A1/A59 was
chosen in response to concerns of York residents and the Lib Dem
administration’s pledge that it would not be within York!

While the Greens welcomed the inclusion of an anaerobic digestor
in the process to draw off methane, they point out that separate food waste
collection (as also being considered in the government waste strategy) would
allow digestate to be used in agriculture rather than having to be heated to
high temperatures creating larger quantities of toxic ash which can only be
used in certain types of construction projects. Cllr D’Agorne said “ Burning
methane, even to generate electricity still produces Carbon Dioxide at a time
when we need to cut CO2 emissions to zero to tackle climate change. We should
be using the methane (as biogas) to replace natural gas and diesel – in other
councils their refuse vehicles and buses are being powered directly by methane
as the most energy efficient option that also reduced burning of fossil fuels”

Cllr D’Agorne says the ‘One Planet Council’ needs to be reminded
of the ‘waste hierarchy’ Reduce, reuse, recycle… “Reducing packaging and
short life products and food waste in the first place is the best option,
followed by reusing through charity shops or freecycle, ebay etc, then
recycling and lastly disposal. Locking us in to the same level of ‘waste’ in 25
years time is so short sighted when we might have to stop all incineration
within 10 years to address climate change.”

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