Green Party protesting loss of trees at Badger Hill School

John Cossham talking to contractor to stop trees being cut down at Badger Hill School

Environmental activist and Green Party candidate for Hull
Road ward John Cossham peacefully prevented tree work from being carried out on
Sunday in the grounds of Badger Hill School. A large Weeping Willow tree had
already been felled yesterday when a local resident contacted the Green Party
for support. John Cossham said “Some of the trees have been approved for
felling as part of the planning permission for the new school building, but the
permission states there should be no noisy work on site on a Sunday”

After initial conversations with the contractor (which
included Green group leader Cllr Andy D’Agorne who represents Fishergate ward)
the contractor accepted that the condition meant no work should be taking place
on a Sunday and left the area. “It was all quite civilised. I explained that I
had already emailed the council tree officer and planning enforcement
department last night, but had so far not had a response” said Cllr D’Agorne

Work on Saturday had continued well after the 1pm deadline
in the conditions, with noisy equipment operating under floodlight until 7pm
according to one local resident.

The work is expected to recommence at Badger Hill school at
8am on Monday morning as the school is closed for half term holidays.

John said “it is very regrettable if good quality trees are
being felled, especially given the environmental benefits for the local
wildlife and school  children. I want to ensure that only those approved
for felling are removed, but with contractors working at the weekend we have so
far been unable to check this with the planners or tree officer at the

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