Only the Green Party committed to excellent cycling provision in York

York Cycle Campaign asked all the parties standing in York to respond to their. Only the Green Party is fully committed to making cycling provision in York excellent. with policies that include:

  • Create a capital fund (£1m pa) to invest in every opportunity for a Dutch-style off-road cycle network developed in conjunction with local residents, including starting with possible ‘quick wins’ to close the gaps, for example at Hospital Fields Road (to join the Millennium Bridge to the Walmgate Stray route and at Marygate car park to join the new Scarborough Bridge provision through to Bootham Park, Wigginton Road and the Foss Island Cycle Path.)
  • Seek locations for covered secure cycle parking around the edges of the city centre and in workplaces, freeing up space in on-street parking for shorter stay use.
  • Pilot the ‘bike hangar’ on-street secure cycle parking provision (popular in many London boroughs) in terraced residential streets to cater for limited cycle storage options and also potentially at rural bus stops to support longer distance commuting.
  • Give priority for cyclists on major routes where they cross side road junctions and introduce well designed segregated ‘Dutch Style’ cycle tracks as part of any major highway changes or developments.
  • Get on with defining where cross-centre cycle routes should be and where they shouldn’t be – better signing to make clear the existence of the route to all users should help.
  • ‘Ensure that all workplaces and schools offer cycle training/ urban cycle skills at minimal cost. The current subsidy for adult one-to-one confidence training should be made permanent and promoted more widely.
  • Offer ‘cycle try out’ packages and cycle challenges to all businesses within the city to encourage more cycling to work.

You can see what the other parties are offering here

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