Greens get 17% of vote across York

York Green Party is celebrating a
historic 17% share of votes across the City of York. Group leader and
Fishergate councillor Andy D’Agorne said “We are now clearly established
as the close challenger to Labour across the city centre, retaining our four
council seats in Fishergate, Guildhall and Micklegate and in second place in
Clifton, Heworth, Holgate and Hull Road wards. But we had successes in the
outer wards as well, with Carole Green narrowly missing out by 29 votes to
independent John Galvin in Bishopthorpe and Ginnie Shaw securing a respectable
placing behind the Conservatives in the Osbaldwick and Derwent Ward.”

With no party achieving an overall
majority again, York’s Green Party council group is calling upon all parties to
work together and talking to the other parties about the best working
arrangement for the running of the council. A conclusion to these discussions
may take some time.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne said:
“Councillors from every group voted recently to declare a Climate Emergency in
response to the ticking climate crisis clock. We are also suffering a traffic
and congestion chaos and seeing years and years of term budget
cuts leaving their marks on the city and its residents. York Greens have
always shown that we want to cooperate for the common good. We are happy to
talk with everyone on how to bring York together again and embrace the
challenges of our time.”

Nationally, The Green Party has been
one of the biggest winners of the 2019 local elections, seeing a net gain of 194 council seats and now having a record
number of 362 councillors on a record 122 councils.

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