Climate change – New Year's resolution

Andy D'Agorne

Love or hate Brexit, we’ve wasted so much time and energy over the past four years, while it becomes more evident by the day that time has run out for our planet. In 2007 the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) set out their Zero Carbon Britain model for us to achieve net zero within 20 years. Government failure means we now face a ‘hugely challenging delivery timeline’ to meet the IPCC recommendation of reaching net zero by 2030 – the target which scientists suggest might enable us to avert runaway climate catastrophe. CAT’s latest report holds out hope that this is achievable (see

The New Year’s Resolution for the new decade for EVERY citizen, councillor, senior officer, chief executive, MP, Minister and party leader in the land must be rapid cuts in carbon emissions, from EVERY SOURCE under their control. Friends of the Earth now estimate we need to cut emissions by 14% each year. Falling short this year would mean even more challenging targets next year. Raging bush fires, global floods, storms, rising sea levels, and melting icecaps clearly signal a climate emergency. New Years Day 2020 must become the turning point in the fight for our planet.

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