Dealing with your green waste

With Green collections suspended so that the Council can concentrate efforts on collecting rubbish with health related consequences they are offering the following advise and ideas.

Response to the Green Waste collections

In order to be able to maintain Grey Bin and recycling collections during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have taken the difficult decision, along with many councils, to delay there start of green waste collections.

Whilst we have recruited additional staff, and taken on redeployed bus drivers, it is becoming clear that due to the duration of social isolation when an individual (or someone in their household) displays symptoms, there may be a large number of staff off work at any one time as the availability of testing is limited. Keeping the grey bin and recycling collections going is therefore our priority. We will restart green waste collections as soon as we in a position to do so.

We know that this will be unwelcome news for many residents who already have full green bins. We do appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented period, when the services that the council usually provides are having to be changed or in some cases stopped.

What can you do with your garden waste?

Grass clippings can be used to suppress weeds in other parts of the garden by being put on bare soil to “mulch”. This will compost into the ground and add nutrients to the soil. Some clippings could be put back onto the lawn to act as a natural fertilizer as it may be a while before garden centres re-open. (may be use the grass cycling article from the North Lincs report here as it will be the majority of materials).

Many households will have benefited from the campaigns over recent years promoting the use of compost bins, and so this will be a good time to restart this if you have one sitting in the corner of your garden. There are a number of websites to help with home-composting; such as

This will provide you with natural compost later in the year, and any material which is slow at composting can be put back in for another go. Natural material will compost down into a much smaller volume, and it will readily be taken up by worms in the ground.

As you will not want to put weeds into a compost heap, they can be put into a bucket to dry out and go into green bin collections when they restart (as long as they are not the types of invasive weeds that are already banned from green bin collections such as knotweed).

We suggest that cutting back thicker woody material should wait until when green waste collections are restarted.

Need to say that there will be no charge made for second bins to households who currently have more than one green bin.

Please do not have bonfires. This will cause further distress to your neighbours at a time when we are confined to our homes.

Please avoid  putting garden waste into grey bins as this would put additional strain on the waste collection system.

In the interests of the safety of staff and residents, we have had to suspend the operation of HWRC centres, as have other councils.

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