Greens criticise calls for council merger as playing party politics

The Green Party have criticised calls for City of York Council to be merged into a mega-council as playing party politics at residents’ expense.

In a letter to York Press, Julian Sturdy the MP for York Outer called for York to merge with Ryedale, Scarborough and Selby as part of local government.

But York Green Party have said this is an unnecessary restructure, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic where the only benefits will be for the Conservative Party.

Tom Franklin, the chair of York Greens has said,

“Mr Sturdy is once again putting his party before what is best for York.

“People living in York pay less council tax then in other parts of North Yorkshire so by creating this new mega council it will inevitably mean our residents will end up subsidising other parts of the county.

Council Area Annual Cost to a Band D property* Difference compared to York  
York £1,721.79 (1)
Selby £1,885.15 + £163.36 (2)
Ryedale £1,902.66 + £180.87 (3)
Scarborough £1,941.68 + £219.89 (4)

*For a property not situated within a Parish Council

“On top of that, administrative costs caused by changing council boundaries could cost tens of millions of pounds and a reorganisation of this scale could cause real disruption to vital services at a time when we are already struggling with a global pandemic.

“But it’s also not shocking that he’s one of the few people in York that want to see this merger. Ryedale, Scarborough and Selby are all run by Tory-led councils whereas here in York they lost almost all their seats at the last local elections.

Earlier this week Councillor Andy D’Agorne who is deputy leader of City of York Council said,

“City of York has over 800 years proud history as a city which its residents don’t want to see swallowed up into a ‘York and Coast’ council with perpetual ‘virtual’ council meetings and surgeries to save councillors from Scarborough and Selby from travelling to York for meetings.”


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