Green councillors urge Full Council to support call for a trial of Universal Basic Income

Green Party Councillors will be urging York’s Full Council meeting on Thursday evening (29 October 2020) to back the call for the Government to introduce trials of a Universal Basic Income as part of its response to supporting all residents through the Covid crisis. The call is part of the council motion being tabled by council leader Cllr Keith Aspden on the response to Covid and recovery in York and will be seconded by Deputy Leader and Green councillor Andy D’Agorne.

If successful, York will be the 10th Council in the United Kingdom to pass a motion calling for trials of a Universal Basic Income.

Green Micklegate Councillor Rosie Baker says “a Universal Basic Income is essential to ensure everyone can live independently and free from insecurity. The Government need to listen to the growing number of Councils calling for this measure to enable their residents to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.”

Green Councillor and Executive Member for Housing and Safer Neighbourhoods Denise Craghill added “Covid-19 and the newest Tier 2 restrictions are choking York businesses and residents. With the furlough scheme ending and unemployment rising, the time has come to introduce a Universal Basic Income so everyone will have the means to live through this crisis. Whilst the additional funds the Government has announced recently are welcome, they are too little and too inconsistent. Individuals, families and businesses will still fall through the gaps. A Basic Income provides exactly that continuity of support without conditions that people need to see them through this crisis.”

York Green Party have been consistent in their support of a UBI to support financial inclusion, especially in times of crisis. Green councillors called for an emergency UBI back in April so people wouldn’t have to choose between self-isolating and putting food on the table. This is still relevant 6 months later as the Conservative Government refuse to extend free school meals to disadvantaged pupils over the October half-term and Christmas break.

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