We welcome further funding to improve cycling and walking in York

The government has allocated an additional £658,350 to the City of York Council to facilitate active travel across York for the many residents and visitors who are choosing to walk and cycle more.

The Government’s Active Travel Fund is designed to support walking and cycling as a long-term method for commuting. To receive any allocation from the fund, the council must carry out wide reaching engagement to inform designs for people-centred transport infrastructure and more active travel opportunities for residents. We encourage everyone to join in the consultation and express their support for better facilities for walking and cycling.

This phase of funding will allow the city to build upon action taken so far this year through temporary changes to road layout and improving cycle safety, and enable the council to design and implement more permanent and wider reaching schemes to support residents with active travel opportunities across the city.

The measures proposed include:

  • Measures on Shipton Road (north of Clifton Green) linking with ongoing improvements to cycling infrastructure on Bootham;
  • Cycle lanes along Acomb Road;
  • Some city centre measures, for example a pedestrian/ cyclists crossing of Tower Street near St George’s Field;
  • Cycle lanes on the A1237 bridges over the Ouse and East Coast Main Line;
  • Various measures around the University, including a Heslington and Wheldrake cycle route.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, Executive Member for Transport, said:

“Following on from our swift action over the summer months to allocate more space to pedestrians and cyclists, implementing a range of temporary changes.

“We know that active travel is good for our health, environment and also out local economy therefore, we are looking forward to working with residents to create more opportunities for active travel and safer environments to walk, scoot and cycle.”

Tom Franklin, Chair of York Green Party said:

“We welcome this funding, which will make a huge difference for many walkers and cyclists across the City. But this needs to be seen as a small step in creating fully integrated safe cycle and walking routes throughout the City”

“This is another small step in creating the City Centre free from non-essential traffic that the Council promised by 2023”

“While £658,000 may seem a lot of money it is less than 2% of the amount proposed for spending on the Outer Ring Road.  We need to get the balance of spending much better in order to address the climate emergency, and see the proportion spent on active transport rise rapidly.  This should only be a down payment on spending on active travel.”.

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