Navigation Road Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Councillor Denise Craghill, Green Party Councillor for Guildhall ward welcomed the improvements for Navigation Road agreed by the Council on 10 February 2021 saying

“I’m speaking today as ward councillor to generally welcome these proposals including the intention to implement the one way plug on Navigation Road as an experimental order.

“I’ve been campaigning for a long time to get some measures in place to slow down the traffic cutting through Navigation Road and to make the area safer for pedestrians, so I am very pleased that we have now reached this point.

“As an edge of centre area Navigation Road has a rich mix of residents with many students as well as families and quite a lot of older people. Whilst some people may feel confident crossing busy roads there are many older residents, people with mobility difficulties and families with young children who find the speed and frequency of traffic cutting through here off-putting and at times dangerous.

“The proposed measures – including the improvements around Hungate Bridge and Rowntrees Wharf and at the junction with Foss Island Road – will make the area safer and more attractive for walking and cycling and encourage the active local community which I know the Walmgate Community Association want to support.

“Clearly the consultation responses show that a number of people are not so sure about the one-way plug in particular, which is why I support the idea that using an experimental order for this is the best approach. This means that people can experience the change in practice, feedback to officers and, if necessary, adjustments can be made. I think the fact that the overall number of responses from the Navigation Road area is fairly low only underlines the need for everyone to experience this in practice – it takes a while to understand how the one way change will work and explaining this hasn’t been made easier by not being able to go door to door to chat to people during lockdown.

“Naturally there are always concerns about change and I welcome the commitment in the paper at paragraph 28 that the scheme will be monitored closely in the early stages until it becomes established. All in all though, I think these proposals will bring clear benefits to the area, whilst at the same time improving an important strategic cycle route across the city. The potential mentioned at paragraph 24 for the scheme to bring about reduced traffic levels on Leadmill Lane and Margaret Street as well as on Navigation Road itself will also help to improve the pedestrian environment in that part of the ward too – so I do very much welcome these proposals.”

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