Greens secure backing for “a budget with recovery from crisis at its heart”

West Offices

The Green Party Group on City of York Council has welcomed the approval of the 2021-22 budget which protects frontline services whilst also continuing with the council’s £154m of investment in delivering new green housing.

As part of the budget, City of York will continue to invest in creating better homes, reducing fuel poverty and creating new good quality green jobs, alongside £2m investment in energy efficiency retrofit for council homes.

The budget includes a £12m capital investment in climate related projects including electric vehicle charging infrastructure, sustainable transport schemes and creation of York’s new woodland stray, whilst also supporting those struggling the most in our city.

The budget continues to support the most vulnerable in our city with protection for the York Financial Assistance Scheme. The budget also adds additional support for carers.

Councillor Denise Craghill said, “York is leading the way with Britain’s biggest zero-carbon housing project and this budget reinforces this commitment, whilst investing £12m in climate change related projects which will also create new jobs and contribute to a green economic recovery.

“We have been able to do all this despite the devastating cuts to funding from central government and the extraordinary pressures put on us by the pandemic.

Councillor Rosie Baker added “As part of our role running City of York Council, the Green group have worked tirelessly to plan a better future out of the pandemic for our city.

“We are proud of what we have been able to achieve this year. Many of the headline green wins just would not have happened without a green voice around the table.

“Now we can continue our focus on tackling the crises our city’s faces – the climate crisis, the housing crisis and the economic crisis as we recover from the pandemic.”

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