Statement on the Nationality and Borders bill

York Green Party strongly affirms the rights of refugees to come to the United Kingdom in accordance with the 1951 Refugee Convention to which the United Kingdom is a signatory.

Over the years governments of all colours, Labour, Conservative and Conservative / Liberal Democrat have made it harder for refugees to arrive here, in large part by making the airlines responsible for ensuring refugees are “genuine” before flying them.  This has meant that the easiest and cheapest route to arrive here has been closed to most refugees who instead have to rely on difficult, dangerous and expensive routes often controlled by people smugglers.  York Green Party calls for airlines to able to fly asylum seekers without fear of fines where an asylum seeker is refused.

We also condemn the “No recourse to public funds” that means that asylum seekers are not only not allowed to work, but they have no access to public services.

The new Nationality and Borders Bill will exacerbate an already appalling system making it almost impossible for refugees to arrive in the UK legally and impose unwarranted conditions and punishments on those that do not meet the Bill’s conditions. Conditions which are not compliant with Refugee Convention.

We believe that the United Kingdom can and should welcome refugees, especially as so many of them are refugees as a result of UK policies past and present.

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