Julian Sturdy votes for sewage in the Ouse

Last week Julian Sturdy, MP for York Outer, voted to allow Yorkshire Water to dump raw sewage in the river Ouse, by voting with the government to remove an amendment that bans water companies from dumping raw sewage. For decades the government has privileged billions of pounds of profit for the water companies over clean rivers for all us. Regularly sewage slicks are reported in York and in the tributaries of the Ouse because Yorkshire water seems failing to invest properly in sewage treatment facilities. The House of Lords amended the Environment Bill with well researched amendments including one to end the dumping of raw sewage in our rivers seas.  There is another opportunity on Wednesday for MP Sturdy to vote against raw sewage in our rivers. We need to protect and enhance our rivers not turn them into a dumping ground with disastrous consequences to fish, other wildlife and also people.

Dr. Andreas Heinemeyer a researcher at the University of York and York Green Party’s Environmental Spokesperson said: “For too long we have had the stink of raw sewage in rivers around York and danger for wild swimmers as well as the damage to wildlife caused by sewage in our rivers. We urge Julian Sturdy to do what is right for the people of York and vote to make our rivers, including the Ouse, clean”.

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