York Green Party Statement on Local Elections and Future Directions

Councillors Denise Craghill, Rosie Baker and Andy D'Agorne in Fossgate

The recent local elections presented a significant challenge and disappointment for York Greens. Despite the disappointing results, we take heart from the 12% of voters across our city who demonstrated their belief in a greener, fairer York. Each vote cast for us is a commitment to our shared vision of a sustainable future, and a big thank you to each and every one of you.

We extend our profound gratitude to Andy D’Agorne, Denise Craghill, and Rosie Baker. Their tireless efforts, dedication, and notable achievements over the past four years stand as a testament to their unwavering commitment to our community.

We recognise the incredible achievement of our standard-bearer, Carole, in York Outer and the villages. Her hard work and dedication to the Parish Council and community saw her miss out by a narrow margin of just 44 votes in Bishopthorpe.

Our thanks also go out to all our candidates, who ensured every voter in York had the opportunity to vote Green. Your courage and commitment to our shared cause are highly commendable.

We acknowledge that the recent election results require us to reflect and regroup. However, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our city, our planet, and the sustainable future we continue to strive towards. We firmly believe that, with your continued support, this future will be green.

As junior partner in a coalition, we faced the challenging task of making climate action a core focus for council action. We did not get everything right, but we will take the lessons learned into our future work.

With the shift in council representation, the responsibility now falls on the new administration to accelerate action on climate, the economy, and health. We will be pushing Labour to fulfil their pledges and tackle these critical issues, using the comprehensive 10-year strategies we helped establish last November.

This includes adopting a bold Transport Strategy with clear targets that cut emissions, improve air quality, remove cross-city traffic, and help York reach net-zero carbon by 2030. The future of our city, and indeed our planet, depends on decisive action, and York Greens stand ready to continue our role in this crucial endeavour.

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