Green Legacy in Action

Andy D'Agorne
Andy D’Agorne in the driver’s seat of an electric bus.

This weekend marks an electrifying shift in York’s public transport.

First York, in collaboration with City of York Council, showcased their new fleet of electric buses! Charging forward with a £23 million transformation, these buses are not only a breath of fresh air (literally!) but by year-end, York’s depot will stand tall as the FIRST outside London to be fully electric!

This leap towards a sustainable future didn’t just happen.

Our Green legacy, from the previous administration, played a vital role. Under Green leadership, the transport department successfully secured a significant £10.2 million from the ZEBRA programme, and a big shoutout to First for co-investing in this transformative vision.

Andy D’Agorne, the Green Party Transport spokesperson and former Executive Member for transport, remarked,

“This isn’t just a fleet of buses. It’s a statement, a commitment. It symbolizes the direction in which York wants to head – towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.”

Remember the UK’s first voluntary Clean Air Zone for buses? Operational since January 2021, this project is a testament to the commitment and forward-thinking of Green councillors on City of York Council.

But as we drive forward, what’s next on the horizon? Our Green legacy is a testament to progressive change, and we’re keen to see the new council’s innovative steps and triumphs.

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