Greens call for further action on improving York’s Private Rented Sector

Denise Craghill in front of council housing

York Green Party’s Housing spokesperson, Denise Craghill, spoke at the decision session this morning (Weds 20th September ) of the Executive Member for Housing, Planning and Community Safety. She welcomed the proposal to partner with Justice for Tenants to encourage more tenants to report unlicensed Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), but also called for more action on controlling the spread of short term holiday let’s – for example by getting on with building up detailed evidence on their local impact.

She said “The situation in the private rented sector is very difficult for many tenants. There are too many badly maintained and managed buildings, as well as high rents. A huge amount of work has been done by the council over the last few years to extend HMO licensing and this new partnership will help to progress that further. But we do also need more work to support other tenants in the Private Rented Sector. We need to see a progress report on gathering the evidence base for both licensing and planning controls on short-term holiday lets. This has been promised by the council and will be crucial in taking advantage of changes in Government legislation.”

Once the Local Plan is approved the Greens would like to see a raft of new policies developed through a Local Plan Review focussed on the Private Rented Sector and the combined impact in York of HMOS, holiday let’s, student accommodation and second homes on affordability and availability.

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