‘Once in a generation’ praise for Transport Plan

Andy D'Agorne Standing in front of a bus

Former Executive Member for Transport and York Green Party Transport spokesperson has welcomed the latest draft Transport Strategy for York published today, saying it is a ‘once in a generation’ moment for the city, on a par with the launch of the park and ride system 25 years ago.

 Andy D’Agorne said “This is a sound, evidence-led approach, building on the Nov 2022 Climate Change Strategy and the February 2023 Draft Transport Strategy both approved by the previous Lib Dem/Green administration. The principles of enhancing access for everyone while strengthening options for people to use alternatives to being dependent on access to a car are right for York.”  

“At this critical point, with a new administration committed to cutting traffic and boosting bus services and safe walking and cycling routes, we cannot be deflected from doing the right thing for York by the latest short-term soundbites from the annual Tory Conference, which are aimed at voters in the most marginal Parliamentary seats elsewhere.”

This is a real opportunity for us to move away from the ‘culture wars’ mentality to achieve cross-party action to dramatically improve bus services, safe cycling options and safety in our communities. The Greens will work with councillors of all parties to grasp this opportunity to find the right solutions for York, the planet and for future generations who want clean air, safe streets and a healthy active lifestyle.

“The vast majority of residents, businesses and visitors to York agree that we do need safer streets, cleaner air and less congestion, with major improvements to the reliability of our bus services. We therefore need to work together as communities to find and implement the best solutions to these problems and this is clearly what the new administration is setting out to do. The principles being consulted on acknowledge that many people in York don’t have access to use of a private car, while many others would rather not use them but feel forced into doing so because the alternatives are unreliable, expensive or unsafe.

Greens strongly believe that we urgently need both national and local evidence-led transport strategies that improves the experience for all transport users, but strategies that give priority to active travel and public transport because of their wider benefits on health, safety, quality of life, independence for young people as well as tackling both congestion and climate change. By supporting better access to buses, trains, cycling, walking and wheeling, space on our roads can be freed up for those without alternative options who really need to drive particular journeys.

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