Greens manifesto launch today: pledging ‘Investment to mend broken Britain’

Michael Kearney, Green Party candidate for York Outer said: 

“Our costed manifesto highlights our plan to mend broken Britain and offers Real Hope, Real Change. “Both Labour and the Conservatives would rather hide their public services cuts than confront the need for a fairer tax system, asking those with the broadest shoulders to pay more” 

Lars Kramm, Green Party candidate for York Central said: 

“The Green manifesto pledges to invest in the next generation through a focus on quality housing, education and transport. We will also invest to protect the climate for future generations and to bring nature back to life. Strong Green support in this election will stop Starmer’s Labour from backtracking on any more of their promises. I want to push them to be braver, to be more ambitious – we owe that to our children and future generations.”

The Real Hope, Real Change Manifesto will be published here:        at noon today Wed Jun 12th 

  • Green Party to unveil Real Hope Real Change manifesto to invest to mend broken Britain  
  • Greens to propose fairer tax system to fund investment.  
  • Investment will focus on tackling housing and climate crises and healing the NHS 

The Green Party will today promise real change in a manifesto designed to “invest to mend broken Britain.”  

A fairer, greener tax system will raise tens of billions of pounds by asking super-rich multimillionaires and billionaires to pay more, equalising the treatment of income from work and wealth, and ensuring top earners pay National Insurance on their higher incomes. 

The money raised from the fairer tax system and borrowing to invest will be used for “game-changing” transformation in health, housing, transport and the green economy 

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has warned the next government will need to either cut public spending or increase taxes. The Green Party will show they are the only party being honest with voters by setting out how public services can be protected through a fairer, greener tax system. 

Green Party Co-Leader, Adrian Ramsay will say: “There is a conspiracy of silence between the main Westminster parties at this election. 

“If people are to have access to an NHS dentist or a GP appointment, if we are to create warm secure homes for all and fund the green transition to tackle the climate crisis and create the jobs of tomorrow, we must be honest today.”    

Green Party Co-Leader Carla Denyer will add: “Things can only get worse under Labour unless we dramatically change our tax system to raise money from those with the broadest shoulders. 

“Young people, in particular, know just how broken Britain’s frontline services are. The economy is not working for them. They have been priced out of the housing market and are struggling to fund their education.   

“Now is the moment to be ambitious – not unrealistic – but ambitious. To be clear about the kind of country we want to live in. About how broken our public services are and the action that’s needed to fix them.” 

The Green Economic Transition will deliver an unprecedented retrofit programme for homes to make them warmer and cheaper to run. 

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion, Sian Berry, will launch the manifesto in Brighton later today.  

Sian will say: “The time for half measures and empty promises is over. Only the Green Party is offering real hope and real change at this election.” 

The manifesto also details plans to invest to nurse the NHS back to health with extra spending on health and social care rising to over £50bn per year by 2030, and £20bn capital investment to bring crumbling hospitals, primary care buildings and outdated equipment up to modern standards. 

Green Party Co-Leader, Adrian Ramsay, will say today: “Britain’s health care is broken. After 14 years of underinvestment, it now needs bold plans to nurse it back to health.  

“Greens are proud to be offering more than any other party to invest to nurse our NSH back to health. Greens will be honest about what is needed. By asking those with the broadest shoulders to pay more – including the very wealthiest – we can invest in the frontline service and infrastructure that we all rely on. 

“With more Green MPs in Parliament, we will stop Labour backtracking on any more of their promises. We will push them to be braver, to be more ambitious, and to actually do what’s necessary to fix our broken country and get us back on track.” 

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