Greens pledge child benefit cap action in next Parliament

A girl, about 6, on a swing with her back to us

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has today warned that 250,000 children will be hit by the two-child benefit cap next year, rising to an extra half a million by 2029.

In York, more than a tenth of children are already living in poverty, over 3,500 children. 

York Central candidate Lars Kramm has responded:  I am dedicated to tackling one of our community’s most urgent issues: child poverty. Greens have unequivocally pledged to scrap the two-child benefit cap in our fully costed manifesto. Today Greens are urging Labour to show real strength and conviction and join us in making this pledge to end child poverty. Labour’s reluctance to abolish the cruel two-child limit and benefit cap keeps many in hardship. Green MPs will end these policies and lift thousands of children out of poverty immediately.

The national Green Party Co-Leader, Adrian Ramsay added:  

“ I want to be very clear. If Labour fails to commit to this, elected Green MPs will not let this rest. We will push them every day of the next Parliament demanding that they do what is right. That is what a Green vote will enable – voices in Parliament to challenge Labour on these important issues.”

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