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Stop Fracking in York, in Yorkshire, and everywhere

Greens across the UK have spoken out against fracking - the process of hydraulic fracturing used to release natural gas from shale rock. Green Party members including leader Natalie Bennett and Green MP Caroline Lucas joined the protest camp against the exploratory drilling at Balcombe in West Sussex - Caroline was arrested and later acquitted of obstruction at the site.

Fracking is also a threat in Yorkshire, in line with the designation by Tory peer Lord Howell of the 'desolate North-East' being the ideal place for fracking. Rathlin Energy have been exploring three sites in East Yorkshire - one at Crawberry Hill and two near West Newton. A test at West Newton A went catastrophically wrong, resulting in an emergency well shutdown after significant gas leaks. Meanwhile, Third Energy are attempting (not entirely successfully) to apply to frack at Kirby Misperton.

The Government has recently U-turned on their previous promise (made mere months earlier) to ban fracking in national parks and wildlife protection zones. This could open the way to fracking in areas like the North York Moors. Sign the petition calling for the ban to be retained here.

The Greens are the only major UK political party to oppose fracking, and the Conservative Government is prepared to tear up longstanding rights to give frackers access to our land.

We need to act now to oppose fracking. Support for fracking in the UK is now below 50%, and opposition to changing the trespass law was over 70%. Two flagship applications by Cuadrilla to frack in Lancashire were rejected by the County Council in June. We can win this, and stifle this desparate last gasp of the fossil fuel industry.

See the devastating effect fracking can have on communities by watching this short video.

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