Rural West York

Ginevera Gordon

Ginerva Gordon

I have lived in York for over 30 years, and have had a variety of jobs including in the hospitality sector, for the Council and at York College.

I want to be a Green voice on the Council because Greens have constructive and practical policies for developing York’s economy in sustainable ways that support local businesses. I think top quality public services are worth fighting for – Greens believe education is a right, that every school should be a good school and that education should be properly funded and free at all levels. Greens oppose any privatisation of the NHS, we want to improve access to all health services. Greens argue for a more equal society, we support campaigns for a living wage. Greens support public ownership of the railways. Greens in York would implement policies to protect the city from damaging flooding. Greens could make a big difference in York if enough people take the chance to vote Green this time!

Mark Havercroft

I am a 55 year old builder who has lived in York for the last thirty years. I am standing for the Green Party because I care about the environment we live in; believe in a fairer economic system; and stand for social justice for all of us – regardless of our race, religion, gender or sexuality. I stand for the Greens for the Common Good.