Fulford and Heslington

Susie Taylor

Susie ridley

Susie was a successful businesswoman in North Yorkshire, at one time juggling three retail businesses: a ladies’ fashion outlet, a tea-room, and an ice-cream stand in the village of Thornton-le-Dale. Supporting independent retailers in York is important to her. “It’s partly national trends and policy, but partly down to us – use them or lose them!“, she says. Susie sold her Yorkshire businesses to live in Southern Spain for a few years where she was Lady Captain at the local Golf Club. She now plays as a Member at Fulford Golf Club.

Susie is very much an internationalist. Her early years were spent in Singapore where her father worked for the Harbour Board. She has three grown-up children living in Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, and closer to home in Brighton. Keeping up York’s contacts in Europe are important to her as well as developing trade and tourism links with emerging superpowers like China.

As Lady Mayoress in 2016-17 Susie attended hundreds of events in the city of York with Lord Mayor Councillor Dave Taylor and was delighted to represent the city on these occasions and to meet people involved in volunteering groups, the Armed Services, religious organisations, and in business in York.

Susie is a Committee Member of York Arts Society, a Member of York Civic Trust, York Theatre Royal, and a Friend of York Minster. She is engaged in organising an event for Fashion City York to highlight the astonishingly high levels of waste and pollution in the fashion industry. “Everyone is becoming more aware of the environmental issues that The Green Party has been highlighting for so long. We must change the way we do things now for the benefit of future generations,” she says.