Ross Bennett

Ross Bennett

I have lived in York for 10 years and am now semi-retired after a long career in IT. I am married with two grown-up children. I am a regular on the York music scene so look out for me playing in a pub near you.

The Green Party has the policies for tackling present and future problems, and are prepared to look to the long term. Our climate emergency motion to City of York Council was an excellent example of this. I am vigorously opposed to fracking since as well as the localised damage and disruption it causes, the last thing we need to be doing is looking for new ways to burn fossil fuels.

As a regular train user I have witnessed at first hand the long decline in service and punctuality on our railways caused by decades of under-funding and mismanagement. The Green Party would reverse this trend and look at ways to bring the railways back in to public hands.

Catherine Love

I work as a part-time lecturer in Theatre at the University of York and the University of Manchester. I also freelances as an arts journalist and write for publications including the Guardian and The Stage. I moved to York in 2017 after living in London and Manchester. In my spare time I am a keen runner and volunteer with GoodGym.

I joined the Green Party in 2014 as it was the only party taking climate change seriously and offering a politics of hope. As well as working on media campaigns for York Green Party, I am currently a member of the national committee of Green Party Women and have previously sat on the Young Greens press and media subcommittee.