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Please sign up for these events. The weekends of April 14/15 (postal votes) and 28/29 (last leaflet delivery & final door knocking) are particularly important. There will be events with start times throughout the weekend of April 28th/29th  - Sunday 29th will be a Regional Action Day.



Holgate By-election

 Andreas' response to the defeat last week:

"The hustings was a great success in showing the people what I and the York Green Party stand for. Labour and Lib Dems may have put up a good fight but our resolve for 2019, is that a 'traffic-light coalition' of working together could be realised with the first Green councillor for the ward. In the mean-time we will continue to work hard to Green-up the other parties' agendas: I look forward to seeing Kallum out and about doing what he can to protect our green spaces and we will push hard for the sustainable transport options vitally needed for York Central."

If you've been out of the loop & missed our exclusive pre-election interview with him, please like & share it on our YouTube and consider being our next 'Meet our members' interviewee?!

 Results and thanks from Campaign Coordinator, Sam Biram:

Andreas and I wish to express our THANKS to all the members who helped in the Holgate by-election. The results were as follows:


                Turnout: 3,044 (32%)

                                Spoiled ballots: 4


                Votes by candidate:

                                Labour: 1,521 (50%)

                                Lib Dem: 982 (32%)

                                Conservative: 334 (11%)

                                Green: 203 (7%)


We particularly want to thank the members who came out on polling day and were brave enough to stand out in the biting cold! So Candy Spillard, John Walford, Pam Hanley, Danni Makin, Rosie Baker and Dave Taylor thank you!


It’s obviously disappointing that turnout was so low and that we came in behind the Conservatives. It was a by-election however so a 32% turnout was not unexpected and we ultimately only ran a double leaflet campaign. Importantly we have gotten Andreas’ name and face out there for a second time and grown his profile within the ward.

We received positive feedback from our leaflets and Andreas was highly praised for his performance at the hustings. 

Green 4 Holgate!!!




The Notice of Vacancy in the office of Councillor for the Holgate Ward has been published by the returning officer, Mary Weastell. This vacancy occurred due to the recent retirement of Councillor Sonja Crisp.

An election to fill this vacancy will be held on Thursday 15th February.

Registering to vote: Residents who are not currently registered to vote are encouraged to go visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. All applications must be made by Tuesday 30 January 2018.

Postal Votes: Completed applications for a postal vote must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 31 January 2018. Postal votes will be sent out first class from Thursday 1 February 2018. Residents who wish to arrange a postal vote can find further information at www.york.gov.uk or by contacting Electoral Services on 01904 551007 or electoral.services@york.gov.uk.





Andreas Heinemeyer


I am a 46 year-old father of three, living in Holgate since 2006. I am an ecologist at the University of York working on land management and climate change. I try to live up to my own standards by not owning a car and am frequently to be seen sweeping up glass from cycle paths! As a keen gardener I am on the committee of the Friends of West Bank Park as well as being the chair of an allotment association. Apart from gardening, I enjoy playing the trombone in the York RI Golden Rail Band. I am also a snow warden for my street. I have been a GP member since I was a teenager in Germany.


Key issues in Holgate and the city as a whole for me are:



  • Ensuring green spaces such as West Bank Park, Millennium Green and allotments are protected and enhanced for our community. Nature is vital for our wellbeing!
  • Representing the aspiration and needs of Holgate residents as part of the York Central development. I want to ensure that our voices are heard and listened to: we need to defend affordable housing and open space within the plan. We need to hold developers and council officers to account!
  • Rethinking the city’s approach to public transport is urgently needed to improve air quality affecting all our health. Higher fares for an ever poorer service lead us nowhere!






Elections 2019....


...watch this space



By-Election 8th June 2017: Results

All was not lost: We were very proud to defend 2nd place ahead of the Tories in Micklegate ward, Rosie winning 1581 votes and making excellent new friends and contacts in the process, Bethan developed the Green presence in York Outer and John got double the amount of votes the Lib Dems did in Hull Road ward and continues to play a big part in his community there.


Here are the full results:


York Central


Nick Love Liberal Democrats 2,475


Rachel Maskell Labour and Co Operative Party 34,594


Ed Young The Conservative Party 16,019


The total number of votes: 53,301


The total number of rejected votes: 213


Turnout 69%


York Outer


James Blanchard Liberal Democrats 5,910


Luke Charters-Reid Labour Party 21,067


Julian Charles Sturdy The Conservative Party 29,356


Bethan Vincent Green Party 1,094


The total number of votes: 57,573


The total number of rejected votes: 146


Turnout 76%


Hull Road Ward


John Scobell Cossham Green Party 826


Matt Freckelton The Conservative Party 1,199


Alex Nowis Liberal Democrats 407


Michael Pavolic Labour Party 3,408


The total number of votes: 5,876


The total number of rejected votes: 36


Turnout 56.8%


Micklegate Ward


Rosie Baker Green Party 1,581


Jonny Crawshaw Labour Party 3,772


Paul Healey The Conservative Party 1,460


Aileen Alison Hingston Liberal Democrats 634


The total number of votes: 7,468


The total number of rejected votes: 21


Turnout 75.5%


York Greens are fighting three seats

We are not standing in York Central

Our Candidates:

Micklegate: Rosie Baker


   Rosie Baker 

The Green Party has selected a mum living in Clementhorpe as their candidate for the forthcoming Micklegate by- election, following the announcement that Cllr Julie Gunnell has stood down.

If elected, Rosie Baker would follow Lars Kramm (elected in 2015) to become the second Green councillor for the ward, our 2nd Green woman and the fifth Green on City of York Council! With a background in education and social policy Rosie has quickly settled into the local community with her partner and young son, working at a research company on North Street, at Barnardos in West and East Yorkshire and as office manager for the local Green Party.

Issues she’s concerned about:

Rosie’s political career began as secretary and caseworker for the Reform Jersey Party and since becoming Policy Officer for the York Green Party she is focussing on health and wellbeing – particularly relevant to Micklegate is the party campaign to cut air pollution from traffic plus the

“If elected a key priority for me will be campaigning for solutions for vulnerable people and those on low-incomes, such as a proper living wage and looking towards a universal basic income, sustainable housing ideas such as YorSpace's community benefit society and my priority for voting at council meetings will be as a voice of REAL opposition to public service cuts.”

Another urgent campaign Rosie is supporting is the replacement of the Clementhorpe flood barrier, due by 2017 but now delayed until 2018 so we will put pressure where it needs to go on this and she is hoping to jin the steering group for a Community Emergency Plan.

Getting to the bottom of people’s recycling woes is another of her top priorities to get better information and support for people to achieve their recycling as stress-free as possible – green bins please! Rosie cooks as a volunteer at Your Cafe (recycled food waste project in Tang Hall) and she's looking forward to doing some research for the sustainable food strategy in York.


A special educational needs practitioner and fledgling social scientist, Rosie’s career has spanned youth justice, supported employment, Looked After Children’s services and most recently she’s qualified as an education mediator for a leading children’s charity. She’s studied social policy & research for public policy, currently working on a dissertation about the views of children with autism, and she has previously worked in Jersey, Manchester, south of France and on conservation projects in Australia.

Rosie can be contacted for further information via rosie@yorkgreenparty.org.uk



~ and Follow Rosie on Twitter. ~


Watch Rosie's first neighbourhood campaign video, see it first on her Facebook page.

Hull Road: John Coshham

 John Cossham

John has lived in Hull Road ward for 16 years and knows the area well, understanding many of the issues which matter to local people, such as student housing, congested roads, access to space for recreation, bus services and antisocial behaviour. He is also conscious of city-wide and national politics, but his job as a Councillor will be to help manage the city in a way that enables everyone to access the services they need, whilst balancing budgets and managing conflicting pulls on resources.

His focus is on quality of life issues, health and wellbeing. He cares about clean air, affordable food, and good public transport which reduces the amount of traffic on the roads so that we can all travel easily and safely. He wants local people to enjoy their neighbourhood and take pride in where they live, to be friends with more people on their street and feel safe and secure. He says

“I want people to be able to live good lives without consuming too many finite resources and causing waste and pollution.”

He has a long history of volunteering and getting things done, from planting trees in St Nicholas Fields in the 1990s, to starting York Rotters in 2004, helping to get the Red Tower project going over the past couple of years, to working with the Save Windmill Lane Playing Fields team today.  His self employment as an entertainer means he understands some of the problems about being on a low income, and as a parent is aware of the difficulties that family life can throw up





 York Outer: Bethan Vincent


Bethan Vincent 

Bethan, 26, has already made her mark developing an ethical business here in York. She is now keen to apply her grit and determination in solving larger social and environmental issues. Bethan has lived in York for over seven years, first as a student and then as a permanent resident of Clifton.

 When asked about why she joined the Green Party, Bethan states that:

 "I joined because I feel that the Green Party are clearly the only party who can be trusted to put the needs of all people beyond destructive and unstable party politics. They are also one of the few parties which have policies which support people throughout their entire lifespan, not just in youth or old age.”

 "I am extremely excited about the prospect of representing a Green voice at a national level. In our current unstable political climate, I believe the Green Party cuts through the hyperbole with a clear message of hope, complemented by policies that are focused on creating real positive change.”

 Bethan Vincent will be promoting Green solutions that would transform the future; calling for a coordinated programme to tackle climate change and environmental pollution.

 Bethan is also extremely passionate about developing social equality and fairness including a focus on ‘green’ job creation and a zero carbon, low car York Central development.




York Central


On June 8th York Green Party is going to be vigorously campaigning to win two council seats in the Micklegate and Hull Rd by-elections, where we are the main challenger to Labour. We will also be contesting the York Outer seat after it has become clear that neither the Lib Dem nor Labour Parties were willing to form some sort of alliance with paired standing down to increase the chances of defeating the current Tory MP.

However, following extensive discussion and consideration of the situation in York Central constituency through two members meetings we have decided to withdraw the Green candidate nomination in order to play our part in securing progressive MPs in Parliament.
I know this will disappoint some of our supporters (and please others), but we feel that in the local circumstances this is the right course of action this time to minimise the risk of contributing towards victory for a Conservative candidate. We will use this action to highlight the need for a proportional voting system, as used in more progressive institutions such as the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments, the London Assembly etc and many other countries.
Andy D’Agorne said “We will still be actively involved in debating the issues such as the crisis in our health and social care, local threats to health and environment such as traffic pollution, fracking and the damaging consequences of this government’s policies. Increasing our council seats from 4 to 6 will make us far more effective as a force for change within York, working where we can in partnership with other parties, businesses and community organisations.”



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