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Coffee-Shop Meet-up with Rosie - Tues 6th June 10am-1pm

@Stanley & Ramona's, 30A Bishopthorpe Rd.

Meet your Green by-Election candidate, Rosie Baker who looks forward to meeting & chatting to any one still undecided, with questions about election day or for York Green Party and/or just to make local friends!

See Facebook event page.



  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday early evenings as well, venues and times to be decided.


20's Plenty Action on Bishy Rd - Monday 8th May, 3:30pm, corner of Butcher Terrace 


The York Green Party, Rachael Maskell, and 20’s Plenty for York will be remembering road victims, checking driving road speeds, collecting signatures on petitions for 20mph camera enforcement and a signalised junction. The PCC Julia Mulligan, Cllr Gillies and the media and anyone interested are also invited to attend.


When? Monday 8th Map 3.30pm (school leaving time)


Where? Junction of Bishopthorpe Road and Butcher Terrace. Gather by shops by South Bank Avenue, York

What? Measuring road speeds, holding slow down banners, collecting signatures calling for a permanently installed average Speed Camera Enforcement system (eg Vysionics Specs 3 which has been proven to reduce speeding) for 20mph limit on Bishopthorpe Road from Julia Mulligan Police and Crime Commissioner. Plus and a petition to City of York Council (Cabinet member Cllr Ian Gillies) for a signalised road crossing. Remembering road victims with a vigil, chalking road victims on the road and pavements.

Crash map of Bishy Rd area:

Crash map Bish Rd




LGBT FORUM - Monday 1st May 2017, 6pm , St Helen's Sq

York against Homophobia in Chechnya, UK Government appeal to review LGBTQ Assylum/refugee policy. Holding hands with Pride. This is a static protest against recent events in Chechnya where Gay men are being held in concentration camps, tortured and killed. We are also appealing to our Government to urgently review their policy for LGBTQ Assylum seekers and refugees, and in solidarity with events in Holland, and with York Pride's theme for 2017, we are asking people to arrive holding hands with pride and to leave the same way at the end.

This is what the Green Party have been working on as their LGBTIQ manifesto. 




 'End Barclay's Dirty Deals!' - DEMO by York Global Just Now- Youth Network - *Micklegate candidate, Rosie Baker is speaking*

This Saturday, 22nd April: 12-2pm Parliament St, (outside Barclays), York.


Well done to the NoFrackingWay walkers and their enjoyment of the benefit gig we held at Tramways on 8th March 2017. Here's a video of the Lancashire report on this.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9iNQPhuyWs

Welcoming the walkers




NO-FRACKING WAY Benefit Gig & Social ! *8th March 2017*Dave Taylor at Kirby Misperton camp

Tramways Club, 7pm. Buy tickets here (50p discount)here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/no-fracking-way-gig-tickets-32157659425?aff=es2 or you can buy on the door.

Join the Facebook event page too!- 







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