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What have Green Councillors ever done for me?

York's four hard-working Green Councillors have contributed much during their tenure. Here are some examples of what fresh Green thinking has achieved in York:

Divestment from fossil fuel

Last October Green councillors successfully pushed through an amendment at York's full council meeting securing a review of council investments with a view to excluding companies involved in producing fossil fuels. The motion has already caused the Audit and Governance Committee to investigate the matter and recommended to the executive the adoption of an ethical investment strategy for its direct investment.

Tackling the conflict with urban geese

Geese by the Ouse in YorkCllr Lars Kramm initiated and chairs a Task Group on goose management in the city. For the last 10 years we have been attempting to limit the number of geese in the centre of York by an annual programme of egg treatment, but complaints from residents and visitors to York’s parks and open spaces continues and the number of geese is rising. The task group is looking into recommendations for an integrated goose management strategy for York including latest techniques and best practises for population and behaviour control, public educational methods and better cleaning techniques for our parks.

Fighting air pollution

As the four Green councillors are representing centre ward fighting for better air quality is a major issue. York’s worst polluted streets are all in Micklegate, Guildhall, and Fishergate wards.  They are constantly in breach of NO2 and particulate matter thresholds and EU limits. Green councillors worked hard through call-ins to make the new Air Quality Action Plan more ambitious, called for higher environmental standards for the Park and Ride busses and successful asked for an increasing Ultra Low Emission standards in the new taxi contracts. Greens are active keeping air pollution and congestion on the agenda of the current Council’s administration.

People's Congestion Commission

congestion in YorkAfter the Conservative Executive member for Transport dissolved the long running 'Traffic Congestion Scrutiny' and decided that sticking the head in the sand is the best solution for York’s congestion problem, Greens have announced a ‘People’s Congestion Commission' in which all residents and businesses of York are invited to come up with their own innovative solutions to tackle the growing concerns of congestion and resultant air pollution. After the successful start the running of the commission has been transformed to UnJam York, a non-party political campaign group.


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