Recycling in York

Type of plastic Uses Recycled in York Recycled into
Polyethylene terephthalate logo Polyethylene terephthalate
Drinks bottles, medicine bottles, peanut butter jars, some supermarket trays At kerbside Back into bottles for soft drinks or turned into carpets, totebags and fibrefill stuffing for coats
High density polyethylene logo High density polyethylene


Milk, fruit juice, shampoo and soap bottles At kerbside Lumber like material used in furniture, crates and fencing
PVC logo Polyvinyl chloride


Cling wraps, medicine blister packs, window frames Empty window frames can be taken to household waste recycling centres* Not commonly recycled, but can used for building and other materials
Low density polyethylene logo Low density polyethylene


Cling wraps, sandwich bags, carrier bags Carrier bags and plastic envelopes can be recycled at some supermarkets Lumber like material used in furniture, crates and fencing
Polypropylene logo Polypropylene


Takeaway containers, margarine and ice cream tubs At “bring banks” located in the carparks of Sainsbury at Foss Island and Monks Cross Ice scrapers, battery cables and rakes
Polystyrene logo Polystyrene Packing “nuts”, Styrofoam, tapes and CD cases NO Very lightweight and costly to recycle. Can be made into insulation
Other plastics logo Other Mixed type of multi-layered plastic items Take non-squashable hard plastic (eg garden furniture, broken toys and plastic boxes to the household waste recycling centres* Hard to recycle due to the wide range of chemicals used


* York Household waste recycling centres are located at:

  • Hazel Court, YO10 3DS
  • Towthorpe, YO32 9S

With thanks to St Nicks