Manifesto for 2023 Council Elections


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Green councillors have achieved a lot over the last four years. In this manifesto we highlight what has been achieved and how we will build on that to do more after May 2023. As long as Green councillors are elected and part of the council we will keep on raising our voices and working with others to not just tackle climate change and the biodiversity crisis but also to promote a green economy and infrastructure and to improve lives for York residents.

It has been a tough four years for everyone. The close to two years of the pandemic, when the council prioritised immediate support to York residents, has acted as a brake on the rate of progress we would have liked to see in some areas. In spite of that, with 3 councillors out of 47 and two members of the council’s ruling Executive out of a total of 9, we have worked constructively with colleagues and influenced a great deal.

Some key achievements include:

  • An adopted Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, supported by city partners and establishing York as a leading city on climate action;
  • A city wide response to the Cost of Living Emergency bringing together grassroots and established support services, hardship funds and advice;
  • A new Economic Strategy promoting green skills, green jobs, better paid jobs and support for York’s small and independent businesses;
  • New zero carbon, 40 – 60% affordable homes in exemplar award winning developments, combining sustainable living with sociability and community space;
  • Improving the city’s active travel networks and starting to establish Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.
  • Keeping all the city’s libraries open and investing in new ones;
  • Sustaining our social care services for adults and children with £35m of new investment over the last 4 years, despite budget challenges.

Green councillors are committed and persistent. We will always keep on working for positive change to support York residents and a fairer, greener city.

We will always work with others where there are opportunities to make progress. In the last four years we have achieved a lot, but not always got everything we wanted. That is the nature of politics and working together.

We would like to see more collaborative decision making involving all parties in future which is why we took a motion through council to work cross-party and with the public on a new system (the committee system) which would involve all political parties in all major decisions, in publicly held meetings. We are currently waiting for all parties to commit to taking part.

The more Green councillors you elect in May 2023, the more voices will be speaking up for York residents, for working together, for taking the climate crisis seriously, for working with York residents and grassroots initiatives, for learning from good examples and supporting innovative ideas and new ways of doing things, for finding solutions rather than problems – and for doing politics differently.

If you would like to discuss further any of the policies in this manifesto please do get in touch.

Chair, York Green Party

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